My Gym Set-up
My Gym changes set-up each week according to the activities during the week, so that every visit will be a new experience to your child.
I Can Do the Stilts, What about You?
Having Fun at My Gym
Different activities that we do at My Gym stimulate your child's various development.
I Love Swing Time!
One of the benefits of swinging is to help children to develop their sensory integration. The soothing motion of swing also helps children to relax and increase concentration. Swing away!
Happy faces at My Gym!
Hang in there guys!
Hanging exercise helps to improve your child's respiration by stretching the muscles around the rib cage, it increases the lung capacity which in turn helps to increase oxygen flow to the brain. Hanging is also a good exercise for gripping skills, as well as the overall motor development. Hang on! ;)
There are 2 types of balancing: static balance (the ability to hold a stationary position) and dynamic balance (the ability to remain balanced while engaging in some movement). Balancing skill is an important aspect in child development. It enhances one's coordination as a while and hence improves postural responses. Some of the building blocks for good balancing skills are: muscle strength and endurance, concentration and attention, body awareness, and postural control.
Jack and the Beanstalk
Climbing is something that young children naturally love to do. They climb up and down the treehouse, the climber, the play gym, the benches at the playground, they climb in and out of beds, tables, sofas... you name it... What you little monkeys do here actually provide a huge range of physical and mental benefits. To name a few: hand-eye coordination, attention and concentration, gripping skills, problem solving skills, overcoming fears etc. Throw the bean out and climb up the beanstalk. You might be able to find some golden eggs up there!
Play Play Play!
We all love to play. Toddlers get to learn how to play with each other when they have more peers to play with. They share toys, they learn the fun of team work, and they just love playing with each other. Let's go and play, have a great time!
Jumping Beans
Jumping is a very good cardio exercise. It improves musucle strength, joint and ligament function, bone intensity, balance and coordination, and motor skills in general. Young children love to jump on the trampoline. They also gain confidence by mastering new skills on the trampoline. It is important to remember that young children should always be supervised when they are on the trampoline. And you know what? Jumping is also a good way to shed those extra pounds off. Not only it's fun for toddlers, it's also good for grown-ups to stay fit! ;)
Hit the Bull's-Eye!
We design activities such as target practice for the children to play at My Gym. This works on their hand-eye co-ordination, as well as their attention and the ability to focus. Plus, it's a fun game for them! You can design this game at home as well. For example, empty plastic bottles, toiletroll tubes, cereal packages and give them a bean bag to throw at it. If you don't have beanbags, you can scrunch up some paper, stuff it into an old sock and tie the end. Balls are handy, however, they roll away and you will need to pick it up each time. Or it could be your extra workout too!
Halloween Bash 2016
Having some fun at My Gym dressing up
Halloween Bash 2018

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